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A Very Vegan Fall Afternoon: Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Apple Crisp Treats

One of the best things about fall is that the university where I work/attend school takes a “Fall Break” in October. I get a four day weekend to relax, sleep, watch Doctor Who…and do some cooking 😀 We had a gorgeous … Continue reading

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The Tortilla that Wasn’t

You don’t realize how much you miss burritos and quesadillas until you go gluten-free. I’ve been craving a breakfast burrito (with scrambled eggs, goat cheese, and spinach) for a couple months now, but the gluten-free tortillas you can buy from … Continue reading

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Summer Fruits and Veggies are the Best

Summer can be awful. I hate the bugs, heat, sunburn, and the asthma attacks. This summer was so muggy, that most days, just stepping outside was enough to send me gasping for my inhaler. I’m thankful that fall is just … Continue reading

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Eat Local: Farmer’s Market Edition

I have many soapboxes, but the one I get on the most (at least recently) is about eating locally. Whenever possible, I try to buy local produce and other edible products, eat at local restaurants, and support the local farms. … Continue reading

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