One Week In!

I don’t have any awesome food recipes or anything to share with you today – I ate leftovers earlier, and my sister and I went out to dinner tonight, but this post is, for me, a celebration of one week of being meat-free. A full 7 days! It may not seem like much, but it’s a pretty big deal for me 🙂 I was going to start with “Meatless Mondays” and just ease into this gradually, but after thinking about it, I just decided to go cold turkey (haha – “turkey.” Get it? I’ll stop with the lame puns now). And so far, I’ve been doing pretty well! No relapses, and I haven’t even missed the meat yet. I expect this lifestyle to get harder once all my friends get back in town and we start going out more, but I intend to hold to my resolve 🙂 Thanks for following me on this journey! I look forward to many more weeks of healthy, ethical eating.

Ok, so I lied about quitting the puns.

Ok, so I lied about quitting the puns.


About Selayna

I'm an aspiring writer, as well as crazy and rather sarcastic. I'm currently teaching English at a school in Poland, so check out my travel blog for humorous (and occasionally insightful) commentary on my adventures!
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